Rachel Maggart is a London-based artist, curator and writer currently working on commissioned and self-directed projects.

Rachel makes paintings transposed from digital and handmade collage. Her studio practice looks at iconography, syncretism and transmutation in the digital age. 

As a curator, Rachel focuses on highlighting perceptions of obscured communities and bodies, to complicate popular notions of identity. 

Separately, she is developing a one-stop shop for fine arts professionals, to transform how they discover opportunities.

Rachel is a member of the WITP collective. Her work is housed in private collections in the UK and the US. 

For commissions or collaborations, please get in touch.

Photo: Aaron Purkey

This career―it is a handful of dust in the end. One may fixate on it as if it were not. ―Hilton Als

Rachel was born in Rochester, New York and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee. Her first language was music, and for a time, she thought she would be a classical pianist. Rachel was the first of four, and her parents both worked in medicine. They lived at the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, the beauty of which she had little appreciation until after experiencing a series of concrete jungles starting in 2003 with Dallas, where she had a stint at Southern Methodist University. By 2004, Rachel had moved to Paris, where she studied piano performance under a municipal conservatory professor, spent time sketching in museums and trying to learn French. From Paris, she went to New York in 2005, a transfer to NYU. She studied theory and history, deconstructed scores and composed a little. At Rolling Stone Magazine, Rachel archived photographs of rock 'n' roll. After earning a BA in Music in 2007, she went to work in a corporate law firm, but quit before a year was up. Another year, she worked in legal, reading obscure literary magazines while scanning papers. In 2009, she got a job at the French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF), promoting avant-garde art, music, dance, film and theatre. She dabbled in industrial design and wrote for art & culture magazines, painted and watched her finances dwindle. In summer 2010, Rachel went on a medical mission to Ghana, returning to the city palette cleansed. She got a job consulting for a development company, making profiles of wealthy individuals for nonprofit startups and institutions. In 2011, Rachel enrolled at Hunter College for an MA in Art History. She got hooked on kundalini yoga and attempted to write a screenplay. Abandoning her program midway, Rachel relocated to London in 2013 to join her now husband. She enrolled in Birkbeck College on a Gordon Square International Award and obtained her MA in 2014, alongside working as a dealer for a Modern art gallery in Mayfair. Once deemed “not shark enough” for sales by a Steinway piano dealer in Queens, she moved about £500,000 of work in two years.

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